A Wild Thing

Miami, 2017

Immersive home replica augmented with audio

The objects that surround us carry the stories that define us. Belgian designers Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen took part in an experiment commissioned by Airbnb for Design/Miami 2017. Their entire living room was mocked up on the design fair and featured original artifacts from their home including pieces made by their artist parents or children, furniture they designed, objects brought from their trips, or books that influenced them. As visitors came close to these objects, an invisible family member would begin telling a story that is associated with it, using an array of concealed cameras and loudspeakers.

Audio system designer, video tracking system designer, sound designer, creative developer

Hardware: Hyperdirectional loudspeakers, surface audio transducers, cameras, Raspberry Pis, computer

Software: Python, Max/MSP

Photo: Airbnb

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