New York, 2014

Multichannel sound sculpture

In 2014 Arup was commissioned by David Benjamin (The Living) for the structural engineering of Hy-Fi, a piece featured in the MoMA PS1 courtyard (Long Island City, New York) as laureate of the 2014 Young Architects Program. The piece is a large edifice constructed with compostable bricks. Some of the bricks were transported to the Arup New York office after the exhibit and were assembled into four helicoidal towers. A four-channel audio track was distributed across the towers, composed using textures built from organic (human and vegetal) and mineral elements.

Designed and produced in collaboration with sound designer Terence Caulkins.

Sound designer, audio system designer, fabricator

Hardware: Organic bricks, custom multichannel audio transducer assembly, computer

Software: Logic, Max/MSP

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