Imagine Downtown Providence

Providence, 2021

Visualizations / auralizations for urban design

In an effort to revitalize the main downtown area in Providence (Rhode Island, USA), Arup worked with the City, local communities, and many design partners to develop a unified vision at the concept design phase. The team was comprised of architects, lighting designers, landscape architects, urban planners, experience designers, and audiovisual systems engineers, to name a few.

I helped create two series of visualizations / auralizations to facilitate a series of public engagement meetings during which the design ideas were presented and feedback was collected: a site fly-through video presenting the main design elements, and an interactive walk-through experience with immersive audio, both shown below.

On the production side, the work involved intensive 3D modeling and rendering for this large-scale site, present-day 360° audio and photo capture, composition of full-3D soundscapes to help describe the experience on the future site, and development of the interactive web app. This was done in collaboration with Anthony Cortez, Terence Caulkins, Ryan Cox, and Rick Gao at Arup, among others.

Virtual environments designer, front-end developer, producer (visualization, modeling, animation, rendering, sound design, post processing).

Courtesy of Arup

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