Leslie Pavilion

Amsterdam, 2015

Three-dimensional sound sculpture

Akin to Donald Leslie’s rotating-horn loudspeakers, the Leslie Pavilion uses architectural form to simulate sound field rotation around the visitor. Two wooden hyperbolic paraboloids are placed with opposed curvature orientations such that sound from a custom-fabricated line-array loudspeaker placed in the center is scattered in one direction and focused in the other on the first surface, and vice versa on the second surface. The loudspeaker beam steering is then oscillating over time, thus simulating the effect of a rotational sound field through the interaction of both physical reflectors.

The piece was featured at Droog gallery part of the 2015 Amsterdam Dance Event, then in the atrium of the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam.

Designed and produced in collaboration with acoustic engineer Adam Foxwell, and computational designers Veronika Heidegger, Roel Van De Straat, and Maria Ferrer Saez.

Sound designer, audio system designer, fabricator

Hardware: Custom wood reflector and steerable line-array loudspeaker assemblies, computer

Software: Max/MSP

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