Memory, Replayed

London, 2021

Interactive audiovisual installation

What is the relationship between reality and our memories of that reality?

This piece, developed in collaboration with neuroscientists Oliver Vikbladh and Olivier Hénaff, invites the user to draw parallels between lived experience and the memory therof, and witness the expression of memory via multisensory cues.

The piece is organized in a dual play/replay mechanism:
In the play phase, as the user wanders through the space, they generate light and sound patterns that are registered as a signature of their passage through the space.
In the replay phase they can observe the sequence they activated and re-live their experience through those light and sound perceptual cues.
The audiovisual field that is replayed, however, is an idealized version of their past experience, akin to how memory tends to filter out non-crucial details of reality.

Its first implementation was made public in November 2021 at St Saviours Church (The Florence Trust) in London.