Radio Voices

New York, 2019

Music and dance performance with live generative visuals and surround sound

Arup was commissioned by the 2019 Performa biennial in New York to produce a live immersive audio and video performance featuring David J (bass, Bauhaus), Rona Rougeheart and Curse Mackey (keyboards, computer, drums, vocals), Heather Paauwe (violin), and Vangeline (butoh dance) for an hour-long improvised piece. Radio Voices is an homage to poet Rene Halkett and a celebration of the 100 anniversary of the birth of the Bauhaus movement. I designed video content and performed live video projection on custom software for the closing night of the biennial at Elsewhere in Brooklyn.

Designed, produced, and live-engineered in collaboration with Alex Mayo, Joseph Digerness, Joe Chapman, Devin Bean, Brendan Smith and Raj Patel at Arup.

Creative developer, animator, video editor, live video operator, producer

Hardware: Digital camera, MIDI controller, computer, performance surround audio and video system

Software: Max/MSP + Jitter, Processing, After Effects, Enscape

Photos: Barry Mayo, Raj Patel

Source code on GitHub

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