Detroit, 2019

Mixed-media temporary installation with live microscopy

How can we imagine partnerships with unusual organisms on our changing planet? Scope: Theater of Collaborative Survival explores the relationship organisms have with their environment through the notions of toxicity, repair, and evolution over various scales of time and space. It is a mixed-media installation co-created with biologist Elizabeth Hénaff and multimedia artist Heather Parrish. It features interpretive tokens of human and microbial activity and their interactions: jars of Gowanus Canal sediment (Brooklyn, NY) and live laser microscopy of its inhabitants, photoreactive prints of multi-scale living environments, and generative multi-channel sonification of algorithmically-generated populations evolving at different time scales.

Sound designer, audio and lighting control system designer, design engineer, installation coordinator

Hardware: Cyanotype and UV-reactive prints on paper and frosted mylar, custom laser microscope, sediment jars, dynamic light fixtures, multichannel audio system, custom control hardware, computer.

Software: Python, Max/MSP

Photos: Mark Sullivan

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